According to the PSA 2015 Census of Population, Badoc has a total population of 31,616. Barangay Paltit has the highest population with 1,617 residents accounting to 5.11 percent share of the total population followed by Barangay Gabut Norte with 1,536 residents with 4.86 percent and Barangay Napu with 1,488 residents or 4.71 percent. On the contrary, Barangay Balbaldez is the least populated barangay with only 320 residents.   There were 6,764 total households recorded during CBMS 2016-2017 Survey. Similar to barangay population, Barangay Paltit has the most number of households with a total of 347. Average households size is four (4) composed by the parents and two offspring.

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